• Cullen Balch - raps • Evan Berry - vox / keys • Will Henderson - percussion • Ruth Moss - vox
• Kevin Norton - vox / guitar, keys • Martinho Ribeiro - drums • Pete Sandona - vox / bass, keys

Other players past: Chris Jackson • Abby Blue • Jeremy Nelms • Ben Kyle • Christian Olson • Austin Cooper • Lee Brooks

All songs written and performed by Collective Love Unlimited as a whole. ©2007-2011 Collective Love Unlimited

In 2011 Collective Love Unlimited spent two days in Olympia based K-Record's "Dubnarcotic studio". The instrumentation for these tracks were recorded live to 2" tape with minimal overdubbing. Vocal tracks were recorded similarly in 2 days. The final tracks retained a raw energetic feel and honestly that reflected the bands live shows, roots and goals. After many delays and setbacks we are now happy to complete one of our orginal goals: The publishing free for download our first true studio effort - Collective Love Unlimited DNS(dubnarcotic sessions) Thank you for listening and remember "It's not a party (or a revolution) if your not dancing!"